St. George’s School

Opportunities Abound at this Urban Boarding School in Vancouver

Introducing Canadas World School for Boys”—St. Georges School

Located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, St. Georges School is a world-class boysuniversity preparatory school offering an urban boarding school experience from grade 8 to 12. The schools core valuesempathy, humility, integrity, respect, responsibility and resilienceare integral to every boy’s experience. Lifes most important lessons are not always learned in the classroom; along with academics, students develop in the areas of arts, athletics, leadership, service, and outdoor education.

Unique Characteristics

As “Canada’s World School for Boys,St. Georges graduates fine young men who are able and willing to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. There is compelling research evidence to suggest boys and girls learn differently. This urban boarding school focuses on the specific needs of boys while ensuring that each student has a global mindset.

 St. Georges is committed to authentic learning. Gone are the days when learning was all about memorization. Using approaches like Harkness and project-based learning, students are consistently shown how to apply learning in real lifeproblem-solving contexts as they seek authentic connections between their curricular and real world problems. 

As an urban boarding school, St. Georges is able to offer some of the most diverse curricular options in North America. Whether its Advanced Placement classes, Latin, Underwater Robotics Club, rugby and basketball teams, or its seven award-winning bands and ensembles, breadth and depth is at the heart of who we are. In grade 10, students choose its optional theme-based majorscalled cohort programsthat transcend multiple disciplines including Science and Technology, Outdoor Education, Global Studies, and Performing Arts.

Benefits of This Urban Boarding School

The schools boarders, hailing from more than 20 countries worldwide, interact with over 650 local day-students while enjoying all of Vancouvers offeringsurban, cultural, and outdoor.

Moreover, St. Georges has an extraordinary university placement rate. Of its more than 160 graduates, 100% receive over 700 acceptances annually to over 140 universities worldwide and in excess of CAD $2 million in scholarships.

Making a positive difference to your communityis how leadership is defined at St. Georges. Guided by its six core valuesIntegrity, Humility, Resilience, Empathy, Respect, and Responsibilitystudents lead from within at this urban boarding school where every boy is known, loved, engaged, and achieving.

School Details


Vancouver, Canada

Exam(s) accepted

SSAT (Standard Online Application), Gateway to Prep School Application, PSAT may be used for Grade 10+ applicants

Offers ESL Assistance

Limited English Language Support

Admissions Deadline

Rolling, Early Decision - December 3; Regular Decision - February 1; Late Applications

Fixed Admissions Deadline

Early Decision - December 3; Regular Decision - February 1

Yearly tuition, room & board

$68085 CAD; most updated Fees on

Types of Financial Aid available

Need-based. Application required.

Links to info on Financial Aid

Top Universities of Matriculation

University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Toronto, University of California, Cornell University, New York University

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