St. Francis High School

A Renaissance of Experiences at St. Francis High School

At its core, the education students receive at St. Francis High School embodies fundamental values that follow centuries of traditiontapping into Franciscan philosophies that aim to develop a young mans full character.

The all boysschool views education beyond academics, guiding young scholars to develop their relationship with spirituality, their interests, and the world. Students graduate ready to be accepted to top colleges and succeed as adults

Values to Encourage Growth and Success

This holistic approach to personal and academic development motivates students to explore a range of subjects. AP courses are available, as well as environmental classes, a robust STEM program, and world-class fine arts opportunities.

Young men are also taught to focus on self-discipline, find their passions, and achieve their goals.

The schools principal, Thomas Braunscheidel, commented on the vision for students: When they go out in the world, they are renaissance men, they are in touch with their spirituality, with their academics, and service to others. We place students at some of the top universities.

World-class Facilities and Opportunities

St. Francisextracurricular activities also stand out. The new athletics complex is on par with those found at top universities. Its music and arts programs are also stellar.

If anything, students may have a difficult time deciding which activities to choose from. Theres always something happening here, added Braunscheidel.

Safe and Serene on Lake Erie

Beyond exploring everything the quiet, suburban, 67-acre campus has to offer, students can venture to nearby Buffalo and, for longer weekend trips, New York City. In winter, the location is ideal for skiing, hockey, and other outdoor activities.

A Microcosm of the World

Braunscheidel also noted that a core value of the school is celebrating diverse thinking and cultures, going back to its Franciscan philosophy.

He concluded,We want our students to experience relationships and friendships with students from around the world.

School Details


Hamburg (Buffalo), New York

Exam(s) accepted

SSAT (Standard Online Application)

Offers ESL Assistance


English language Exam(s) accepted


Admissions Deadline


Yearly tuition, room & board

$44,250 USD

Types of Financial Aid available

Academic, Payment Plans, Diversity / International

% of International students


Total Number of students


Student Gender

All- Boys