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A Proud Tradition: School Values and Boarding Schools

Community values, academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, and self-improvement are frequently cornerstones of many North American boarding schools, with these values distinguishing a particular ethos for each school.

Since many of these schools boast decades, or even centuries, of excellence, their values are deeply ingrained in the school faculty, facilities, and the students they enroll.

Some schools focus on a certain kind of student, for example providing single-gender education, where programs are tailored to most effectively teach young men or women. Other schools have developed from strong religious traditions. For other schools, the foundational value is a particular passion area like a connection with the great outdoors, a military model, or a commitment to a certain educational philosophy.

A connection with a school’s traditions can deepen a student’s experience and ensure a positive fit within the learning community. Choosing a school means embracing these traditions and values and immersing yourself in a context that matches your goals.

Here are some exciting examples of schools with strong value models:

Tilton School, (Tilton, New Hampshire)

For over 170 years, a supportive, curious, and engaged community (including both faculty and students) has been the heart of a Tilton education. Focusing on the quality of human relationships, Tilton School’s community provides students with the opportunities to cultivate curiosity, skills, knowledge, understanding, character, and integrity requisite for the passionate pursuit of lifelong personal success and active citizenship.

Houghton Academy, (Houghton, New York)

“Houghton Academy prepares students to live authentically, learn deeply, lead globally, and love boldly for the glory of God.” This vision statement speaks boldly to the deeply-held values of Houghton Academy. Students seeking a co-educational college-preparatory school with over 100 years of experience in melding Christian values and academic excellence will find a strong community and connection in this nurturing small town setting.

Army and Navy Academy, (Carlsbad, California)

The school’s motto, “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders” speaks volumes. This all-male leadership school believes in leadership, self-discipline, and integrity. The school is designed to provide both the structure and hands-on learning that helps boys thrive.

Overbrook Academy, (Greenville, Rhode Island)

This all-girls Catholic school seeks to educate young women and shape them into future leaders. Values of compassion and commitment are inherent in the school’s values, with intellectual formation at the core. This international school has a total of 150 students, fostering a perfect environment for English language learners committed to spiritual formation and personal development.

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