Houghton Academy

An Environment that Cultivates Young Scholars and Builds Character

Nestled amidst the quiet rolling hills of western New York, Houghton Academy has offered an exceptional college preparatory education based on a Christian worldview for over 130 years.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Houghton’s close-knit and supportive community extends a warm invitation to students from across the globe and focuses on developing each student’s academic, social, and spiritual growth.

Houghton Academy is located in the small town of Houghton, New York. Students have the freedom and space to explore, learn, and pursue their passions both inside and outside the classroom.

 Co-Curricular programs—which are designed to complement classroom activities and develop leadership skills—include interscholastic athletics, theatre, music, skiing, canoeing, camping trips, rock climbing, ropes course, and service opportunities.

The cities of Buffalo and Rochester —both located about an hour from campus—present opportunities to see world-class museums, art galleries, theatre productions, and architecture in an urban setting.

Scott Frazier, the school’s Director Admissions and Finance Officer, said the tranquil campus is ideal for learning and development: “We are academic; we are college prep, but we believe that the outdoor opportunities are a significant part of building character, building up a person.”

University-level Experiences

Preparing students to be successful adults goes beyond leadership training or AP classes at Houghton Academy, with opportunities to earn university credit at the nearby Houghton College or online through Roberts Wesleyan College. Young scholars have access to Houghton College’s athletic facilities, library, and other resources, and can work with college student tutors to get a taste of campus life.

Building Community and Supporting Diversity

As students acquire life skills, contributing to a community and understanding their role in it is another important goal of the Christian-focused (yet non-denominational) academy.

Appreciating diversity and cultural awareness is important at Houghton. Students from 10 to 12 countries attend the academy each year. Boarding scholars can participate in a homestay program with day scholars and their families in order to facilitate connections with each other and the world.

Said Frazier,  ” A significant goal and key to our values – is to collaborate on behalf of students to model living and learning, enabling them to make wise decisions, both in the present and for the future”

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Houghton, New York, USA

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Payment Plans, Diversity / International, Family income

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Pennsylvania State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of California, The Ohio State University, University of Washington, The College of William and Mary

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