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Mastering English: One of the Many Benefits of Attending School in North America

The benefits of speaking English are undeniable in today’s increasingly global world. English is the language of business, science, aviation, tech, diplomacy, and the primary language for many of the world’s best universities.

International students enrolling in North American boarding schools reap huge rewards being fully immersed in an English-speaking environment. Beyond full immersion in student classes, dorms, and social life, many schools have created special programs, seamlessly guiding students into the curriculum and allowing them to excel academically and master one of the most important languages in the world.

BBR Education examines various ways in which leading North American boarding schools help students master English:

Summer Fun + ESL & Orientation

A great way to prepare for the school year and enjoy North American summer is to start ESL courses before the school year begins. Maine Central Institute, has offered ESL education for 20 years to students from over 25 countries. One highlight is the School Orientation and English Immersion Course, which provides intensive English classes during the summer in tandem with a full school orientation for international students.

Similarly, Perkiomen School in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania offers ESL@PERK, a summer ESL program which combines English speaking, reading, writing, and listening with American cultural activities. ESL@PERK students learn English via fun-filled extracurricular activities and trips to places such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.—a win-win!

Choose Your level—Customized ESL Courses

Some schools offer the ability to enroll—depending on a student’s level of English—in beginner, intermediate, or advanced English courses. Students at all-girls St. Margaret’s School in Virginia may choose from a wide array of ESL courses based on their level of English and take courses such as introductory ESL Literature or ESL Physical Science.

At Tilton School in Tilton, New Hampshire, ESL literature and writing courses are offered for students with intermediate to advanced English language skills. To further improve English mastery, intensive and individualized ESL tutorials are also available two to four times per week.

Intensive Academic English / College Prep

With college preparation as a top priority, Lexington Christian Academy offers a year-long Intensive Academic English Program (IAE), which combines advanced English language training, American history, and cultural literacy instruction. As a bonus, students receive high school course credit for English and history while perfecting their English. The program is designed to teach academic English at an accelerated rate, assist with TOEFL preparation, and bring students completely up to speed before moving on to American colleges or universities.

Learn more about the process of Applying to North American boardings schools and search “School Facts” on each page to learn about each school’s ESL programs.

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