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College Preparation: The Benefits of Four-year Boarding Schools

A four-year boarding school experience allows Latin American students to engage deeply in North American culture, academic structures, and the many extracurricular activities that foster personal growth and college readiness.

There is no preparation like full immersion. Why spend the full four years enrolled in a program versus a shorter time frame? Let us lay it out for you.

Language and Culture

Being an international scholar in the United States can be a tremendous adventure, and a springboard for an enormous range of career opportunities post-graduation. However, to truly enjoy these benefits, international students must have language fluency and cultural skills to dive into all the opportunities the US has to offer.

Recent research demonstrates that social/cultural adaptability, language barriers, and academic preparedness are key barriers facing international students. Boarding Schools tackle this challenge with enthusiasm. Maine Central Institute offers robust ESL programs, ushering gifted scholars into both language and cultural fluency. The Tilton School provides individualized ESL instructional sessions and weekly meetings with academic advisors and college counselors.

Motivated young people can jumpstart their US experiences through a full four years living, studying, and growing in the supportive and energizing environment of a boarding school.


Academic preparedness is key to college admission, and to later academic success. The academic requirements are significant, and students benefit from professional assistance in strategically building their academic skills. Boarding schools provide rigorous academic programs, and a wide array of Advanced Placement and IB courses, offering an enormous benefit to driven, young scholars.

Mount Michael Benedictine School has been recognized as the top all-male boarding school in the country by Boarding School Review for both its SAT/ACT scores and affordability.

At Asheville School, the majority of recent graduates attend colleges and universities rated as ‘highly selective’ and ‘most selective’. The school’s reputation is achieved through excellent wraparound services and a rigorous academic program with a 4:1 student to faculty ratio.

Immersive education ensures students’ comfort with US academic expectations and teaching methodology.

Well-rounded Students

That said, top-ranking US colleges care more about academic achievement alone. They seek interdisciplinary, passionate students who relate personal experiences to classroom interests. Boarding schools are tailored to foster students’ curiosity, providing wide-ranging opportunities, and developing well-rounded individuals.

Deerfield Academy’s Head of School, Dr. Margarita O’Byrne Curtis, shared their philosophy with the BBR team: “Students pursue their own interests in an entrepreneurial way. They explore their leadership with the school’s encouragement and support.” Ensuring a safe environment is also a key priority. Learn more about boarding school safety here.

Developing athletic abilities, research skills, community service experience, artistic talents, and leadership can be the key to college admissions. Not only that, it can build a young person’s confidence and future success.

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